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    Historic charisma in modern performance.

    Fulfilling most specific client requirements.

    Referring to distinct Historical standards, architectural period peculiarities and regional properties. Our joiners have mastered the perfect technique in combining any complex historical pattern with contemporary high tech features.

    Historic Monument windows and doors - it' s our cup of tea.




  • Individuall and proffesional approach, tailored solutions
  • Exceptinally narrow profiling
  • Decorative elemnt replication from historical blueprints
  • Manufacturing according to the regulations of the monument protection
  • Extraordinary shapes, crafted from templates and originals
  • Highest quality standardts - Perfect to tiniest detail
  • Enviromentally friendly materials and production
  • Reasonable price policy, quantity discounts
  • For corporate customers with VAT-ID-Nr. no VAT applicable due to EU export law
  • Unbeatable prices for Oak solutions
Worldwide delivery

Custom Solutions

Something extraordinary?

Custom solutions are a part of our daily operations.
Our goal is to pay attention to every detail of our client's requirements along with imitating historic properties and integrating a high-tech hardware, thermal efficient glass work, and the finest quality wood.

Resulting in exquisite creation in a relatively short period of time, nevertheless carrying out the main assignment for ages.


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