Monument Protection Windows


✔ Individual   ✔ Based on historical blueprints   ✔ According to latest technologies


Monument Protection Windows

System: Monument protection windows are recognised by narrow transoms, thin mullions and shrunk sashes. At the same time, traditional wooden weatherboard is an essential part of monument windows. Optical appreciation is achieved by moulding historical profiles, decorative capitals, profiled grilles. We faithfully manufacture monument protection windows in following systems : IV68-Schmal (cross-section) / Double Casement windows in various design modifications / IV-58 (cross-section)

Decorative elements: We are specialists in the production and replication of historical monument windows, by historic window original. We are open to individual requests a.e. Ordering milling knives for personalised profiles is possible with us. Viennese grilles 18mm thin with an imitation of a subdivision. Here you can see a selection of decorative elements.



Special shapes: Round windows, Eyebrow windows, Quater windows and any other shapes are made by templates, stencils etc.

Monument Protection Windows

Wood: We use triple layered glued wood panels. Among the woods, we mostly use pine and oak from Baltic states. Additionally manufacturing from Larch and Shorea are available. Standard sized window beams are made in the finger-jointing process.




Surface treatment: We ensure long durability and high resistance to rough weather conditions provided by professional application of the following products:
Covering and glazing coatings produced by Teknos.
Solvent free linseed oil produced by ALLBÄCK.
Coatings in any RAL, NCS tones are possible.

Multi-colored variations are procurable too.

Hardware and Fittings: Despite monument protection regulations on thin sashes, we are using Roto Hardware in numerous modifications, that include:

Tilt and Turn ROTO NT with different resistance classes.
Roto NT Royal concealed hinge side.
Roto NT Designo for triple casement windows with 
Implementing chaplet hinges, angle irons, push rod lock, are available as well


Glazing: Double or Triple thermal insulation glazing with from Uw 1.1 to Uw 0.7 W/m²K, Various functional glazing for sound isolation, Tampered glazing against strikes and burglary, solar protection insulation etc. Thermally improved insulation glass edge seal is available in a rich colour palette.

Ornamental glazing or handmade stained glass between the glazing panes can be installed on a request.